Promoting sustainable development has become the most important challenge the inhabitants of Earth face. All who understand and are willing to participate in building a world that respects the environment and nature need to come together. Seniors have a important role to play in this action - their experience, knowledge of tradition and culture, a sustainable perception of reality are qualities that can make a significant contribution to protect the Earth.

The ambition of the project EcoSynergy50plus is to build, through the use of modern technology, an international network of collaboration among seniors and a synergy of their knowledge and activity in subjects related to environment and environmental education. In this sense, the project is innovative.
Each of the 12 senior volunteers will spend 3 weeks in the partner’s organization and support it through ecological activities, sharing their knowledge, competence, increase their skills and knowledge about new country and environment, and inspire each other. Seniors will take part in organizing environmental festivals, programs and activities of environmental education and nature protection.

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