Celebrating Earth Day in Warsaw

Creating a garden for children with special needs to play in Warsaw, the members of OIKIPA - visiting Poland’s capital for the ecosynergy project – celebrated the Earth Day on 28 April 2013
The volunteers, after walking through a natural forest and leaving their footprints on Polish soil, ended up at the HELENOW School. This is a special state school that helps children with special needs recover, mainly by means of “Horse Therapy”.
This includes physiotherapy, contact with horses, horse-feeding, and horse-riding guided by the volunteers in a natural environment.
The school is located in a vast agricultural area in the forest, near the outskirts of Warsaw. Apart from other facilities, it houses lots of horses and other animals. Part of the auxiliary staff consists of young volunteers from countries like Georgia and Moldova, who stay there long-term.
Our task was to shape and spruce up one of the gardens where children will be playing. On the days before that, we offered voluntary work at the Warsaw University Botanic Garden.
George Kallinikos